The 4 Phases of the Female Monthly Rhythm

Here is a question sent to me this morning in a Facebook message by my sweet friend and colleague, Rachelle Garcia Seliga who provides postpartum and pelvic care. Her traditional/indigenous teachings are so spot on and phenomenal! We met up the other night and thought I’d share this continuing conversation here.


Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Good morning dear […]

A Beautiful Gift of Aloha

I have a gift for you. A beautiful gift of aloha with absolutely no strings attached.

Nothing to buy.

It’s a tool for balancing your personal power and it’s a HUGE THANK YOU for sticking with me while the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks approach to the hormones swells into a larger movement!

For women, knowing […]

Medicine of the Feminine


Please join us in a day of deepening your self-care knowledge, awareness, and skills into a place of conscious self-healing. Continue to learn how to align with your indigenous rhythms within, bridging ancient solutions with modern challenges in order to walk in peace with your female essence. We will focus on pelvic and womb care […]

Don’t Be Duped by an App

Don’t Be Duped by an App

My friend and colleague, Sarah Bly, Fertility Awareness Expert, has written a terrific post about the major problems with cycle tracking apps.

I’m so glad she wrote this. I am in the process of designing an app for tracking by the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks (#4s4w) approach which will help […]