Medicine of the Feminine


Please join us in a day of deepening your self-care knowledge, awareness, and skills into a place of conscious self-healing. Continue to learn how to align with your indigenous rhythms within, bridging ancient solutions with modern challenges in order to walk in peace with your female essence. We will focus on pelvic and womb care […]

7 Wonders of the Womb

Discover the Powers of the Amazing Uterus
By Kara Maria Ananda

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Women’s bodies hold within them an incredible organ filled with sexual and creative power.

It is time that we celebrate the astonishing capabilities and mysteries of the fantastic uterus!

Every single human being that has ever been alive upon this planet, now and throughout all of […]

The Secret of Woman, Revealed

The Power is in your deepest knowing.

The Message comes to us from our feminine lineage, passed down from mother-to-daughter, aunties and midwives, sister-to-sister, neighbor-to-neighbor. Coursing through our primordial and time-travelled DNA are whispers from our familial ancestors—calling us, beckoning us (the new Keepers of the lunar rhythm) to revive the long-forgotten teachings.

The Treasure, they tell […]

When Santa was a woman — five Christmas histories you want to know

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When Santa was a woman — five Christmas histories you want to know