A Beautiful Gift of Aloha

I have a gift for you. A beautiful gift of aloha with absolutely no strings attached.

Nothing to buy.

It’s a tool for balancing your personal power and it’s a HUGE THANK YOU for sticking with me while the 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks approach to the hormones swells into a larger movement!

For women, knowing […]

Go Raw

let your hair down ~ forget your mask ~ find your primal ~ answer your indigenous
Release Your Raw.
Does your body image ~ lumps and bumps, out of shape, in shape but not happy, visible flaws, hair, skin, etc. keep you from getting into water or showing your vulnerabilities? We understand. This is a retreat where […]

Hormone Relief: What would you give to get it?

We all know that money is the stuff that pays the bills. We also know that there are many types of currency we can utilize to balance out what we receive for our services.

When I was a hairdresser from 1981 until 1995, I bartered a LOT. As long as I could get enough cash to […]

Easter and Ovulation: Rebirthing into Your Divinity

Easter symbolizes rebirth ~ being born again into your divinity.

Perhaps for you it is Passover. Please translate with what resonates.

Today is the best day of the year for asking yourself whether you are stepping into the world in your truest nature.

Today is the day to shed the things that are dead—that no longer apply. Old […]

Are your friends good for you?

I hope this message finds you well and feeling fully loved after Valentine’s Day!

Whether by an intimate partner, your family and friends, or a new found way to accept yourself, this juncture of the year provides an opportunity to analyze how much love flows in and out of your being. The question primarily is: How […]