The 4 Phases of the Female Monthly Rhythm

Here is a question sent to me this morning in a Facebook message by my sweet friend and colleague, Rachelle Garcia Seliga who provides postpartum and pelvic care. Her traditional/indigenous teachings are so spot on and phenomenal! We met up the other night and thought I’d share this continuing conversation here.


Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Good morning dear […]

Ovulation: The Queen Bee

All is particularly peaceful at the pirate ship this morning. The quiet reward for living a little more ruggedly in a rural environment is the welcomed sound of the winged ones: the birds, the flying insects, and even a couple of roosters in the distance.

It’s 5 am and I open all doors and windows to […]

7 Wonders of the Womb

Discover the Powers of the Amazing Uterus
By Kara Maria Ananda

Sharing from karamariaananda.com/blog/wonders-of-the-womb

Women’s bodies hold within them an incredible organ filled with sexual and creative power.

It is time that we celebrate the astonishing capabilities and mysteries of the fantastic uterus!

Every single human being that has ever been alive upon this planet, now and throughout all of […]

Hormone Relief: What would you give to get it?

We all know that money is the stuff that pays the bills. We also know that there are many types of currency we can utilize to balance out what we receive for our services.

When I was a hairdresser from 1981 until 1995, I bartered a LOT. As long as I could get enough cash to […]

Easter and Ovulation: Rebirthing into Your Divinity

Easter symbolizes rebirth ~ being born again into your divinity.

Perhaps for you it is Passover. Please translate with what resonates.

Today is the best day of the year for asking yourself whether you are stepping into the world in your truest nature.

Today is the day to shed the things that are dead—that no longer apply. Old […]

The Secret of Woman, Revealed

The Power is in your deepest knowing.

The Message comes to us from our feminine lineage, passed down from mother-to-daughter, aunties and midwives, sister-to-sister, neighbor-to-neighbor. Coursing through our primordial and time-travelled DNA are whispers from our familial ancestors—calling us, beckoning us (the new Keepers of the lunar rhythm) to revive the long-forgotten teachings.

The Treasure, they tell […]

The Archetypes are Here!

Hello Friends!
Well, at long last, the Archetypes are here!

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This is simply a fun gift from me to you as a THANK YOU for hanging in with me as 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks develops its products and courses. I so appreciate you—more than you can imagine!

I’m very, very excited about the many things […]

Listening to the Inner Muse

Another reason why I love listening to my Inner Muse.

Here’s the blog that I wrote this morning on Sacred Feminist . Perhaps you can relate!

And isn’t Emily Balivet’s artwork just beautiful? Please see her gallery at her website or on Etsy.